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Summer Fun—Free or Nearly Free
by Tazim

As you start getting used to the longer, sunnier days, you may wonder what to do with your time. There are many free and nearly free activities you can do in the Greater Vancouver area. These are family oriented activities which are pretty close to home and if you pack your snacks and lunch, you can have a lot of fun visiting new and exciting places without paying very much.

Free Things to Do in Vancouver This Summer

Vancouver Tourism: Things to Do

One of my favorite places to go to in the summer is an ice cream parlour in Vancouver. I would like to introduce you to La Casa Gelato which is an amazing "ice cream wonderland." It is the only ice cream place in the world that has 218 flavours of ice cream!

When you step into this clean, spacious store your unforgettable experience begins. Three sides of the store are occupied by freezers containing buckets of ice cream flavours you have only ever dreamed about—combinations such as pineapple/poppy seed, double chocolate chip cookie dough, espresso and cola to name just a few. For the more adventurous, there are flavours like garlic, kim chi, green tea and chilli to awaken your taste buds.

The friendly servers are scurrying around filling orders and responding to requests to taste the various flavours. You can try out as many flavours as you like before settling for the scoop of your choice.

Then comes the other big decision you have to make -will you have your ice cream in a bowl or a freshly made cone? If you choose the cone, again you have to pick the one you fancy. The waffle cones are made on site behind the cash counter. You can see and smell them being expertly and lovingly prepared.

If you are ever looking for an extraordinary ice cream experience, head over to  La Casa Gelato.

La Casa Gelato

(July 10, 2011)

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