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Vocabulary Development: New Years
by Louise

This week let us work on vocabulary associated with New Years.


Read the following sentences which contain New Years vocabulary.


I made a New Year’s resolution to lose 5 kilograms this year. (make a decision at the beginning of the year to start or stop doing something)


The guests at the party used their noisemakers when the clock struck midnight. (a horn or rattle used to make noise at a party)


The city had fireworks at midnight to entertain the crowds. (small objects which when lit on fire shoot into the air and burn brightly and make a loud noise)


At midnight, the guests joined hands and sang Auld Lang Syne. (a Scottish song about friendship that is traditionally sung at midnight on New Year’s Eve)


Many people like to have a special dinner and stay up late to celebrate the New Year.

(to do something enjoyable because of a special occasion)


Champagne is an expensive French white wine with bubbles which is often drunk to celebrate a special occasion. There are cheaper alternatives called sparkling white wine.


There is a countdown on many TV programs just before midnight on New Years. (counting in reverse order before something happens)


In some cities there is a New Year’s parade. (an organized public procession of people, bands and floats)


Now try the two quizzes to help you remember these new words. Try using one or two of them in your writing.

Quiz 1 (matching)

Quiz 2 (crossword)



(January 16, 2011)

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