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The Best of The Buzz; Our Most Popular Student Writing
by Brad

Student writers at The Pearson Buzz have been and continue to be very popular on the Internet. Using Google’s analytics, I can see the most popular pages at our web sites ( and; not only that, but I can also know from where in the world the readers come to visit.

 Our most popular page by far is Daria’s lovely piece titled “Her Smile.” In it, she pays tribute to the German woman who received her after leaving her home country (the former Yugoslavia). Apparently, readers love her heartwarming and interesting story. It is interesting to note  that residents of Cairo, Jakarta and Toronto are in the top three positions for its readers. This page has received over 5 000 views this year.

 Next most popular is Sophie’s persuasive essay, “Be Aware of Internet Addiction.” In her essay she outlines the problems of internet addiction with a particular focus on her home country, China. Readership for her page this year has reached 350, but more importantly, readers spend nearly four and a half minutes perusing her essay, which is full of interesting facts and examples. Residents of Auckland (New Zealand), Beirut and Doha come out as the top readers of this essay.

 In third place is Tiffany’s childhood memoir, “The Old Banyan Tree,” with just under 300 views this year. In her story, she responds to a Writing 12 assignment to write about a tree that was important to your life. The banyan tree attracts many people to its shade, and Tiffany brings the story to life with its many detailed and descriptive sentences. It seems that local readers really like the story, with the top three being Burnaby, Bangalore and New Westminster (I guess Indian readers like it, too!).

 To prepare yourself for the comprehension quiz, read all the pieces carefully and expect a few questions that refer to this feature as well. It will be a good challenge and, as a bonus, you will find out why their writing is popular worldwide. Good luck!


(September 23, 2012)

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