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Bike the Blossoms!
by Charlotte

As a born and bred Vancouverite, I have grown up with the multitude of cherry blossom trees which line this city’s streets. As a child I can remember bike riding along various avenues in this city, and I vividly recall the varying colours of pink blossoms budding and thriving in the spring sunshine. Memories of walking along West 47th Avenue on my way to visit my grandmother bring back clear images of cherry blossom trees with alternating bright and then light pink blossoms. 

For the past 20 years I have enjoyed watching a grove of cherry blossom trees right across the street from where I live in East Richmond. This year, I have decided to ‘stop and smell the cherry blossoms by joining in the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival for a fun, free guided bike tour which includes a talk by a Vancouver Parks Board arborist!

Join me as I stay tuned for more details about  this event happening on Saturday, April 28th at!


 (April 15, 2012)

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