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Canadian Coins
by Renuka

In Canada, coins are produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. There are six coins that are commonly used these days. These coins have an image of Queen Elizabeth II on one side. The image on the other side is different for each coin.


Description: File:Canadian Penny - Reverse.pngDescription: File:Canadian Nickel - reverse.png







This coin is a penny.                               This coin is a nickel.

It has a value of one cent.                       It has a value of five cents.


Description: File:Canadian 10 cents reverse.png


Description: File:Quarter Reverse 2010.png 





This coin is a dime.                                  This coin is a quarter.

It has a value of ten cents.                      It has a value of twenty-five cents.

Description: File:Loonie reverse view.png

Description: File:Toonie-reverse.jpg







This coin is a loonie                                This coin is a toonie.

It has a value of one dollar.                     It has a value of two dollars.


Take a multiple choice quiz to see if you remember the names and values of the Canadian coins that we commonly use.

(August 26, 2012)

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