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Earth Day: April 22, 2012
by Cheryl

This year Canada celebrates 22 years of participating in Earth Day.  What does Earth Day mean? Well, it is about changing our lifestyles to protect the environment and ultimately our planet.  Having Earth Day has been a good motivation to help save our planet but is it enough?  Now, Earth Day looks at being Earth Week, Earth Month and Earth Year. 

Thinking about making changes cannot happen on just one day.  We need to commit to making changes every day.  Earth’s Day’s Take it Up is a challenge to make changes with what we eat and drink as well as how much we move and what we care about. 

Take a look at this page on the Earth Day website to think about some changes you could make. Read articles about foods to avoid, ways to exercise more, and how to care more about the environment. We should work together to make our lives better and save our planet for future generations.

Canada’s Earth Day site

The USA is also promoting Earth Day and the movement of making change.

 (April 22, 2012)

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