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Memories of Snow
by Charlotte

Now that we have had our first snowfall heading into the winter of 2013, I have been thinking about my experiences with snow while living in three different Canadian provinces. First of all, growing up in British Columbia meant looking forward to ‘snowdays’ from school, where all we wanted to do as children was to go tobogganing on Queen Elizabeth Mountain in Vancouver. These pleasures were usually short-lived since the rain would invariably come and wipe away all traces of the snow. 

Next, I spent a year living in Alberta during my grade 12 year. This meant below-freezing temperatures and lots of snow during the long winter months. It was always a huge relief when the warm ‘Chinook’ winds would come along and allow us to go outside for some much-needed exercise. 

Finally, sunny Manitoba, with its  record snowfalls and windchill temperatures, offered very little opportunity to go outside for any long periods of time. I recall taking my two nieces skating to an outdoor skating rink and lasting all of 15 minutes before heading over to Robin’s Donuts for a quick hot chocolate and some doughnuts! Looking back, I realize that living in three parts of Canada does evoke great, long-lasting memories of snow.

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(December 23, 2012)

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