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mothers day in poetry

Mothers' Day in Poetry
by L

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. This year, it’s May 13th.  (Father’s Day is on June 17, 2012)

Florists and card shops do a roaring trade. If you’ve forgotten to do something special for your mother, here’s something personal and precious you could try: write an acrostic poem and e-mail it to her.
Use one of these words: mom, mum, mama, or mother and write lines beginning with the letters of the word you chose. Here are some examples from the students in my class:

My life is given from you
Only you believe me absolutely
Make a promise to live with me forever.


My mother is lovely
Our love is like running water
Much happiness came to our life.


Mother, you are my life, my lighthouse
Outstanding and irreplaceable
Teaching me and taking care of me warmly
How to be polite and charitable
Everyone likes your patience and kindness
Remind me to follow your steps.


My love belongs to you
Although you are not here anymore.
Mother is a sweet word for a woman,
And all I wish now is to have a kiss from you.


Many kids are proud of you
Our hearts are filled with love from you
Thank you for bringing us up.
Happiness always accompanies you
Everything never gives up with you
Remind me on Mother’s Day to sing a song to you.


Meaning of life
Over all of this world
Teacher of love and kindness.
Heart of wisdom;
Ever ready to take care of us and show us the
Right road to success.


Mother, I will give up my life for you
Only person who truly loves me is you
The only reason I can live in this world is because of you
However, I don’t say the words “I love you” that much, but your love is in my blood
Even if I don’t say anything, you can
Read my words from my eyes.


Mom is the most important person in my life
Only she does not leave me
Many sad days has she kept me company!


My mom is wonderful. She is always helpful.
Anybody would love her – she is magical.
Mom sacrifices to make our life beautiful.
All of what I will do is to just stay loving you.


Use the link below if you prefer to use a template to write you own acrostic poem:

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