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Introducing our New Feature: Weekly Quizzes
by Brad

After ten years of Weekly Features, teachers at our recent planning meetings discussed refreshing our format. Our web statistics are clear: self-marking quizzes on various subjects are our most popular pages. As a result, we've decided to make a change to our teachers' weekly offerings—quizzes for students to answer and to learn more about various subjects.

In the past, teachers would make quizzes regularly to test their students on various concepts and vocabulary. To do so, we used Hot Potatoes, a free program created at the University of Victoria. Nowadays, the quiz creators have taken a well deserved rest from writing and supporting their software but have graciously left a copy of their program for all us teachers to use.

To get us started, I found an older quiz of mine on essay structure that no longer worked in popular browsers like Mozilla's Firefox and Google's Chrome (for some reason they still work in Internet Explorer, which says something about Microsoft's compliance with browser standards I suppose!). But with 40% of our web users left out, I decided to rework a popular quiz from the old days. When you take the quiz, you will be tested on your essay structure knowledge with ten multiple choice questions with four possible answers each. Try to answer each one correctly! For extra fun, I added comments to each of the wrong answers to give students some tips on why they were wrong. When you click on A, B, C or D, you will get immediate feedback on your answer.

If you don't get 100% the first time, don't worry! Each quiz can be reloaded by refreshing the page (hit the F5 button above the $ sign on your keyboard for a quick way to refresh a page). We hope our students and interested learners around the world will enjoy (and learn from) our quizzes. Don't forget to check for more quizzes at the link on the top or bottom of the quiz window. Over the next months, we plan to revise and refresh our quiz directories to make more available and to fix some early glitches. Give it a try!

Essay Structure Quiz (originally published in May of 2002!)

 (July 1, 2012)

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