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Reflecting on Fall 2011
by Charlotte

 As the newest teacher on staff at the PALC, I have taken time to reflect on the teachers, students, and learning environment here. Most importantly, it has been a pleasurable experience being surrounded by professional, supportive, flexible, and patient staff members. This past term I have been the vacation relief teacher for subjects including Data Management 12, Literature and Composition classes 8-10, English 4- 12, Drama Film and Television 12, Science 8, Civics 11, Chemistry 11, and various Math classes.

Each teacher has given me great insight into their expertise and knowledge related to each subject, and this has enriched my teaching skills immensely. Also, without students, we would have no learning centre and therefore I would like to acknowledge all the students who registered with us this past term. The students have been attentive, respectful, appreciative, and very diligent in their learning. I have learned so much just by teaching and tutoring them in the classroom or computer lab.

Finally, I would like to mention the wonderful, warm, and welcoming atmosphere here at the PALC. Every day I come to work, I look forward to interacting with the students and staff members alike. I believe the Christmas Party on December 16th was the culmination of the friendly and open attitude that exists here. Too bad I had to miss the party, but there is always an opportunity in the future for another one! 

(January 22, 2012)

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