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Improve your Writing with Synonyms
by Jennifer

Whether you write a little or a lot, are an advanced or a beginning writer, synonyms will improve your writing.  What are synonyms?  They are words which have the same or a similar meaning as another word.  Remember that in English, you often cannot use the same word twice in a sentence.  Therefore, synonyms are must-haves.

Synonyms make your writing better.  Let’s look at an easy example.  The word walked is too often used, so in the next sentences, let’s replace it with one or two synonyms.  At first, the sentence reads, “I walked to the store.”  The word “walked” could be better, more descriptive.  So when we look up “walked” in a thesaurus, we find the word “ambled.”  Now the sentence reads, “I ambled (walked slowly) to the store.”  Better.  Another synonym?  For a speedy walk, we could write, ”I raced/sped to the store.”  Or a sad walk?  “I shuffled to the store.”  Your English mark will improve as your synonym use grows.

Another good use of synonyms is in the essay.  In the concluding paragraph, you have to restate your thesis in the first sentence.  To do that you need synonyms.  Using a thesaurus, a dictionary of synonyms, along with your dictionary, now, will help build up your personal synonym “bank.”  So, on the test, you’ll be able to restate much more easily, with much less stress!

Try a challenging ten question multiple choice quiz on synonyms for common English words.


(October 14, 2012)

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