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Being a Summer Tour Guide
by Charlotte

This past summer I was able to be a tour guide for our niece Carolin from Germany. Finding the most interesting tourist attractions was a challenge as well as a thrill for me. Can you guess which are Vancouver’s ten must-see attractions? Check out these websites to see which of Vancouver’s attractions are the most popular: , , .  After you check the three lists and read the feature, try a comprehension quiz!

I discovered three things during my weeks of travelling about the lower mainland that might be a good reminder for anyone who is entertaining out-of-town guests. First, you must have a lot of time. Fortunately for me, my niece was here for an entire two and a half months, which allowed us to have a lot of rest and relaxation time in between tourist stops. Second, you need to travel light and with appropriate gear. This is especially true for any extensive walking or hiking trips. Third, make sure you have cash money and the correct currency before setting out on your tourist adventure. Embarrassingly, you just might find yourself borrowing money from your guest, as I did on numerous occasions! 

Are you looking for something to do next summer? Be a tour guide and learn more about Vancouver’s  tourist destinations.

Try a Fill-in-the-Blank Quiz based on the reading.


(September 30, 2012)

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