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Traffic Reporters Reveal Too Much! A Rant
by Tazim

I  rely on the regular and accurate traffic reports from our local radio stations on my daily commute to work. I really appreciate knowing where the traffic problems are so that I can avoid those areas and take alternate routes if possible. The thing that gets me irate every time is when the traffic reporters also announce  exactly where there are speed traps, cell phone, and road side checks.  

I have never understood why they give this information to the public! Why do traffic reporters feel that they have to forewarn drivers who then change their driving habits only long enough to escape these checks and return to their unsafe driving ? Why do they do this? The drivers who are speeding, using their cell phones and/or indulging in unsafe driving practices ought to be caught, fined and face the appropriate consequences. I cannot understand why these responsible radio traffic announcers feel that it is their place to warn drivers of law enforcement initiatives in place to create safer roads for everyone.

 Please check out the following links to learn more about the problems associated with dangerous driving practices and the various programs that have been implemented in an effort to counteract them.

Impact of Distracted Driving

Road Safety Provincial Enforcement Campaign Schedule

Integrated Road Safety Units (IRSUs)—Targeting Dangerous Drivers

21,000 Tickets for Speeding, Drinking, Cellphones

 (June 17, 2012)

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