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Vancouver International Airport
by Paul

Living only minutes away from the Vancouver International Airport (YVR) and having flown from it occasionally, I became curious about its history and details.  It turns out that YVR, considered an important economic engine for British Columbia and Canada, is a very interesting and dynamic airport.

 YVR is situated on Sea Island in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.  This airport is only about 12 km from Downtown Vancouver, and about 25 km from the City of New Westminster where our Learning Centre is located. The Vancouver International Airport is considered Canada’s second busiest airport, after Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.  While hosting many daily domestic flights, YVR also offers a wide variety of daily international non-stop flights to and from places such as Asia, Europe, Oceania, United States, and Mexico.  YVR has been named the “Best Airport in North America,” and has made it to the list of the top ten airports in the world.

 YVR began operating in 1931 with only one runway, two hangars, and a single small terminal building.  The airport experienced its first significant expansion in the 1940’s with part of the airport developed as a base for the Royal Canadian Air Force, and another part developed as a manufacturing plant for Boeing Aircraft of Canada.  A second major expansion occurred during the 1960’s when a super-jet terminal was added.  This new terminal successfully served 1.9 million passengers in its first year of operation. 

 During the 1980’s, YVR’s expansion efforts shifted more toward developing its international air services.  With its ongoing growth and improvements, YVR has grown today to connect businesses and passengers with 119 destinations around the world, as it serves about 67 airlines.  This airport’s passenger traffic is now at about 17 million per year, with annual cargo handling around 224 000 tonnes.  Furthermore, because of its proximity to Asia, YVR is considered by many as North-America’s “gateway” to the Asia-Pacific region.

 Passengers at the Vancouver International Airport can choose from a wide range of services, including many shopping and dinning options.   There is also a soundproofed luxury hotel within the airport itself.  The interior of YVR features both intriguing architecture and an extensive collection of Pacific Northwest Coast Native art, representing British Columbia’s uniqueness and culture heritage.  Ground access to the airport is easy, quick, and varied.  One can reach YVR directly by taxi, limousine, personal car, bus, or the monorail SkyTrain.  There are also bicycle routes leading to the airport for those who are interested in protecting the environment.

 Should you ever need to fly to or from Metro Vancouver, then don’t hesitate to consider YVR as your connection.

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 (June 3, 2012)

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