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British Columbia Day
by Renuka

This weekend, many people have an extra day off. The August long weekend is when we celebrate a public holiday called British Columbia Day. The idea for this holiday was first introduced in 1974 by the Honourable Ernie Hall who was the provincial secretary at the time. His notes read, “We feel that the holiday should be dedicated to the pioneers who built the colony of British Columbia into the great province it is today.” Eventually, the bill was passed into law in 1996. Since then, we celebrate BC Day each year on the first Monday in August.

Here are some of the events to celebrate BC Day on Monday, August 5th:

         At Fort Langley National Historic Park, you can take part in Brigade Days. There will be stories, music, and a BBQ. They will be re-enacting “The Arrival of the Fur Brigades”, and there will be a free concert at 7 pm.


         The Harmony Arts Festival is on from August 2nd to 11th in West Vancouver. It is held at the waterfront between 14th and 16th Streets. You can enjoy music, movies, art, and performances, and there are activities for children as well.


         In South Delta, you can go to the Tsawwassen Sun Festival. It will be held at Winskill Park. You can visit the fair, petting zoo, and marketplace, watch the parade, play bingo, and enjoy a snack at the food vendors. There will even be a BMX bicycle air show!


         At Burnaby Village Museum and Carousel, you can enjoy market vendors, entertainers and demonstrations. You can even take your children (or yourself!) for a ride on the carousel.


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(August 4, 2013)

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