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Earth Day 2013
by Paul

More than one billion people around the world observe Earth Day each year on April 22nd.  Individuals, communities, organizations, and governments take part in various activities and events on this day to demonstrate support and appreciation for our planet Earth and its delicate environment.  Some common Earth Day events include picking up roadside trash, participating in programs for recycling and conservation, demonstrating the use of recycling containers, and planting plants and trees.  Furthermore, many people on this day demonstrate and call on governments to take the necessary steps to stop global warming, to focus on preserving our environment, and to stop the erosion of Earth’s limited resources.

Earth Day was first organized in 1970 in the United States to honour the birth of the environmental movement.  The focus at that time was predominately to promote the awareness of pollution problems with air, water, and soil.  The overall Earth Day global message back then still remains today – the preservation of Earth’s ecology so that Earth can continue to support life.

Over the years, Earth Day in Canada has expanded into Earth Week and later on into Earth Month.  This change occurred to accommodate the combination of the many longer lasting and shorter events and projects that take place nationwide.  For this year, 2013, some of these include Calgary’s “Walk for Water” in Alberta, Kitchener’s “Blooming Earth Festival” in Ontario, Dartmouth’s “Earth Week” in Nova Scotia, Regina’s “Crochet Your Way to a Healthier Environment” in Saskatchewan, and many other smaller events staged across Canada by schools, employee groups, and communities.

Our Learning Centre is in the City of New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.  Some of this year’s planned Earth Day events across our province include the “Queensborough Community Cleanup” in New Westminster, “Earth Day Open House” in Pemberton, “Oak Bay Eco Week” in Victoria, and “Community Clean-Up of Oak Park” in Vancouver.

As individuals, we should take steps every day of the year to take care of Earth and its environment.  For example, be aware of when and how you use water.  Conserve water when possible.  As well, drive your gasoline powered car only when necessary in order to minimize greenhouse gas emissions.  Instead of driving consider walking, riding your bike, or taking public transportation.  Furthermore, recycle and compost wastes to alleviate the burden on our planet of storing particularly solid wastes.

The importance of taking care of our planet Earth and its environment cannot be overstated.  Each of us should do our part by participating in at least one annual Earth Day event, and “go green” year round.

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