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Taking First Steps
by Charlotte

Being a first-time grandmother has allowed me to observe the many firsts that a newborn baby goes through within the first few months of its life. Her first smile, her first time laughing, her first tooth showing, her first baby steps, her first time sleeping over, her first time eating solids—these are all huge milestones in my granddaughter’s young life. She is gradually becoming more independent in her walking, especially when she focusses on a goal, and if she uses her arms and hands to balance herself.

Similarly, watching my daughter participate in her first triathlon last weekend made me marvel at the determination, endurance, and will-power which helped carry her through to the end of the race. The initial 700 meter swim was followed by a 20-km cycle and concluded with a 5-km run to the finish line. I was amazed that what she had started out to do over half a year ago, she actually accomplished by even beating her goal of completing the triathlon in one hour and 45 minutes.

Registering students at the Pearson Adult Learning Center is a lot like watching my granddaughter and daughter reach their goals for the first time. A student discusses a plan to graduate with a Dogwood diploma and chooses the necessary courses with a teacher. From here on it is up to the student to attend classes, to do the homework, to write the exams, and to complete the courses.

With a lot of focus, self-discipline, and encouragement from teachers, any adult student can also be successful in his first steps towards meeting their educational goal.

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(March 17, 2013)

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