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Why Take Physics?
by Paul


Physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, and geology are the main natural sciences.  These sciences seek to explain occurrences in nature.  Of these sciences, physics is considered by many to be the fundamental natural science.  Physics is the science of matter, energy, and of their interaction with each other.


Matter is anything that takes up space and has mass.  Houses, trees, mountains, air and water are examples of matter.  Planets and stars are also matter.  Even our body is made up of matter.  Energy, on the other hand, is what gets things done.  You can’t see energy.  When you climb stairs, you use energy.  Energy is used to heat your home.  Energy is found in fuels like coal, gasoline, and natural gas.  I’m using up energy right now while writing this feature.


Physics helps us understand how things work and why things work as they do.  In a physics course, you will not only learn scientific and mathematical concepts, but also gain valuable skills in applying such concepts to answer and solve questions and problems.  These concepts and gained skills are easily transferable to other courses and applicable across many of life’s situations.  Some of the concepts and topics covered in a physics course include motion, velocity, acceleration, forces, momentum, energy, simple machines, waves, light, and relativity.


So, should you consider taking physics?  Consider the following list of some benefits from working through and completing a physics course at our Learning Centre:


  • You’ll gain the course which may be the required prerequisite to a post-secondary program.
  • Physics teaches us how to analyze and think better.
  • New education goals and career directions may develop for you.
  • You’ll get the chance to practice and improve your math and problem-solving skills.
  • Natural phenomena will become less mysterious and you’ll develop a greater understanding of how and why things work as they do.
  • You’re more likely to score higher on any tests that have physics related questions.
  • You’ll find it easier and perhaps more interesting to keep up with the ever-changing technology.
  • You’ll understand better global issues like global warming and alternate energy, so you can contribute more to make our planet greener.


Drop in to our Learning Centre and discuss with a teacher your education and/or career goals.  We’ll help you choose from our many courses those suited to your education goals, your career options, and your study skills and study habits.


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(February 3, 2013)

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