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Work Smarter, Not Harder!
by Tazim

I often get asked by students in my Biology 12 class how they can improve their marks on the tests and examination that they write. They sometimes tell me how long they have studied, and I am shocked to find out the amount of time they have spent on learning the material.

When I ask them how they learn the work, they give me different responses. Some students say they read the material over and over again, some say they write down the important words and others say they tape the important concepts and listen to this many times. After that I ask them what their individual learning style is, and I get confused looks.

For that reason, I do the Barsch Learning Style Inventory with them, so they can find out their own learning style. This quick inventory asks a few questions, and the student chooses the responses as honestly as possible. Then the student finds out his/her own learning style: visual (by reading), auditory (by listening) or kinesthetic (moving while learning).

For some students, the score will be obviously in favor of one learning style, but at other times the score could be equally split favoring two learning styles. What I really like about this learning style inventory is that once you have discovered the type of learner you are, you are provided with strategies you can use to improve the effectiveness of your study.

mVisual Learner - color code notes with a highlighter or use colored pens/pencils


cdAuditory Learner - use of audio tapes or cds



kKinesthetic Learner - using a computer



Please click on the following link to find out your personal learning style and the strategies you can use to maximize your learning potential.

I hope that you end up working smarter, not harder!

The Barsch Inventory



(February 24, 2013)

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