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How to be a Success at School
by Trudi
and Tazim

As adult learners, returning to school is very challenging. Along with the demands of work, family, and friends, there will be the additional requirements from the class. Now that you are coming back to school, what can you do to help prepare yourself for what’s ahead?

Here are some tips to help you succeed in school:

  • Be prepared for homework. Have a private, quiet place at home to study. Get help if you need it.
  • Keep to a regular study schedule.
  • Hang a calendar over your study area, and pay attention to it when you mark down tests, projects and assignments. That way, you can see what you have to do at a glance. You can plan ahead.
  • Learn to say "no" to activities and requests you don't have time for.
  • Take time for yourself and your family to relax and stay connected.
  • Keep focused on your short and long-term goals.
  • Ask for help.
  • Revel in your accomplishments. Take a moment to recognize your successes and relish your achievements.
  • Don't get discouraged or give up. Take one semester at a time.
  • Expect to feel some stress. Students of all ages do.
  • Develop an awareness of how you learn best so that you can apply those study techniques to your education now.


For more information on how to be successful at school see Tazim’s feature, Work Smarter, Not Harder

         Try Marcia Conner’s learning style quiz (printable version)

We hope that you have a successful semester and future.

Welcome back to school.


(September 15, 2013)

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