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Summer Program at Pearson Adult Learning Centre
by Tazim

Many students have been asking about our summer program as they want to continue upgrading their skills and completing courses during the summer. Here is some useful information for the Summer Program at Pearson Adult Learning Centre.

Pearson Adult Learning Centre’s Summer Program will consist of classes and self-paced courses. The classes will be in Foundations English Levels 1 to 7 (English Levels 4 to 10), and there will also be a number of self-paced Grade 11 and 12 courses offered.

The classes will be offered in the morning, afternoon and evening. The self-paced courses will be supported every day alternating between day and evening times.

The Summer Program at Pearson Adult Learning Centre will take place from July 2nd, 2013 to August 9th, 2013.

Registration for all returning students will be on Tuesday, July 2nd from 9am to 8pm. New students are very welcome to join, and the registration day and time for new students can be chosen from Wednesday, July 3rd or Thursday, July 4th at 9:30am, 1pm, 4pm or 6:30pm.

For additional information, please see a teacher at Pearson Adult Learning Centre or contact us at


(May 21, 2013)

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