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  Weekly Feature: (December 17, 2000)


A Christmas Tree Tradition
Brad's Weekly Feature



This is a personal essay on one Vancouverite's family Christmas tree tradition. For more information on Christmas and other winter holidays, visit our Holiday Traditions page.

     Today, my family and I will once again follow a Christmas tree tradition we began many years ago. On the weekend before Christmas day, we get in our car, drive out to Steveston, and find our favourite Christmas tree farm. There, we park our car on the bumpy, cedar strewn parking lot and walk to the little shack near the entrance. A large rack there holds many saws. The first job is to pick a suitable saw for the job of cutting the tree.

     After that, we pass by the two warm fires and head down a muddy road into a Christmas tree forest. Much attention is paid to choosing exactly the right tree. It can't be too big. Of course, it mustn't be too small! When we have all agreed that we have found the perfect tree, I (being the dad) begin sawing as close as possible to the base.

     When the tree is successfully cut, we carry it over to the shack for a measurement. After paying, we then go to the small building where the farm provides hot dogs and hot cider. Using special wire sticks, we hold our hot dogs over the fire, warming ourselves at the same time. Many other families are there, eating and laughing together.

     Last year, we missed our tradition as our family went to Mexico for the holidays. My son, however, demanded that we go to the farm again this year, so as soon as this Web page is finished, I will wake my sleepy family and off we'll go on our annual Christmas tree hunt!

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