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Quote of the Week:  "Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful."Samuel Johnson   (Quote Archive)

Weekly Feature: Improving Your English Online
Patricia points us to a wealth of good online resources for English learners.  March 20, 2011

Student Writing by Linda: Making the Study of Law Fun
Linda informs us of two TV series that can help any student make the study of law fun.  March 13, 2011

Student Writing by Esther: Tteokbokyi (Korean spicy rice cake)
A spicy snack enjoyed in Korea. Try it if you dare!. March 13, 2011

Student Writing by Maria: Chicken and Pork Abodo
A hearty dish from the Phillipines. Try it and see! March 13,  2011

Writing Tip: Some "Nyms" in English
Brad explains the meaning of the Latin root in English and gives us some examples of less well known "nyms." March 13, 2011

Weekly Feature: Prewriting and the Essay
Jennifer gives us a good reminder and demonstration for this essential skill.  March 13, 2011

Accounting 12: Weekly Assignments
This week's assignments for Louise's daytime Accounting 12 class. March 13, 2011

Communications 12: Weekly Assignments
This week's assignments for Louise's daytime Communications 12 class. March 13, 2011

Weekly Feature: Bring Your Writing to Life
Renuka shows us how!  March 7, 2011

Weekly Feature: B.C.s New Premier-Designate: Christy Clark
Cheryl introduces us to B.C.s premier in waiting. February 27, 2011

Student Writing: Lighthouse Magic
Margareta tells us a tale of a daring rescue. February 27, 2011

Writing Tip: Will You Bring It or Take It?
Brad explains the the difference in meaning between these two common verbs. February 27, 2011

Weekly Feature: Is "Imagination More Important than Knowledge"?
Brad reflects on Einstein's famous statement in the light of teaching and the state of the world today. February 20, 2011

Writing Tip: Learning to Hyphenate Adjectives
Brad explains the technique to create your own hyphenated adjective for clearer writing. February 13, 2011

Weekly Feature: February is Heart Month
Trudi reminds us to take care of our real heart in the month of Saint Valentine's. February 13, 2011

Student Writing: Losing a Friend—Twice
Marco recounts a sad tale of friendship and loss. February 7, 2011

Weekly Feature: Writing a Good Essay
Rick both tells and shows you how to write a good standard essay. February 7, 2011

Writing Tip: An Everyday Day Every Day
Brad reminds us again of the key difference between everyday and every day. January 31, 2011

Weekly Feature: Happy New Year! (Year of the Rabbit)
Tazim's feature welcomes us to read more about this important day in many parts of the world. January 30, 2011

Student Writing: Be Aware of Internet Addiction
Sophie writes persuasively about the dangers of internet addiction. January 23, 2011

Weekly Feature: Why Study Science?
Paul's feature explains how understanding science improves your knowledge in many ways. Includes two quizzes for vocabulary practice. January 23, 2011

Weekly Feature: Vocabulary Development: New Years
Louise's feature goes over a number of useful words related to New Years. Includes two quizzes for vocabulary practice. January 16, 2011

Writing Tip: Using Italics Correctly in Writing
Brad demonstrates how italics are used to enhance your writing. January 15, 2011

Weekly Feature: Getting Ready for the Certificate Tests
Patricia's feature gives us a complete overview of the upcoming tests written by English 4 to 10 students. Includes many links to help you get ready. January 8, 2011

Writing Tip: Is That Compare or Is It Contrast?
Brad clarifies the difference and points out further resources to help you with comparison contrast writing. January 1, 2011

Weekly Feature: Happy New Year!
L links us to a wealth of information to get your new year off to a good start. January 1, 2011

Weekly Feature: Christmas Gives Opportunities
Jennifer reflects on the positive aspects of Christmas giving and suggests one way to help others less fortunate. December 26, 2010

Weekly Feature: Math Upgrading
Renuka provides students with suggestions for ways to improve their math skills at the PALC. December 19, 2010

Weekly Feature: Getting Ready for Next Term
Cheryl gives us a sneak peek at next term's course offerings at the PALC. December 12, 2010

Weekly Feature: Wikileaks?
Brad comments on the biggest news story in the world today. December 5, 2010

Writing Tip: Is That a Restrictive or Nonrestrictive Appositive?
Brad explains the tricky difference between the two. December 5, 2010

Weekly Feature: Winter Safety Tips
Trudi points us to sites that will help you to survive this possibly long cold winter! November 28, 2010

New Mathematics Resource: QuickMath: Automatic Math Solutions
Paul points us to an excellent resource for students who need extra help with calculations in Algebra. QuickMath can show you the steps to solving a question and help you better understand the process. November 21, 2010

Writing Tip: Does Language Shape the Way We Think?
Brad refers us to an intriguing article on language published in The New York Times. November 21, 2010

Weekly Feature: About Math Problems—Yet Again!
Paul helps students with practical resources for working with math problems. Includes a quiz to test your comprehension. November 16, 2010

Student Writing: Travelling in the Painting
Sophie dreams of going back in time to the Song Dynasty, inspired by Zhang Zeduan's famous painting, "Along the River During the Qinming Festival." November 8, 2010

Weekly Feature: Get Out of Your Car!
Rick makes an impassioned plea for people to consider the environment in their day-to-day activities. November 8, 2010

New Mathematics Resource: BC Math Homework Depot (Free Online Tutorials)
Louise points us to an excellent resource for students studying Principles Math 10, 11 and 12. November 8, 2010

Writing Tip: The Staunch Friend Stanched the Wound
Brad explains another confusing word pair and gives examples so you can use each one correctly. November 7, 2010

Weekly Feature: Food Bank Drive 2010
Tazim launches our annual Food Bank Drive with a goal of six boxes of food to donate this season. October 31, 2010

Weekly Feature: Nominalization: Changing into Nouns
Patricia explains how to use more forms of any word using nominalization. Includes many examples to illustrate. October 24, 2010

Writing Tip: Being both Affluent and Fluent in Life
Brad explains this confusing word pair and gives examples so you can use them correctly. October 24, 2010

Student Writing: Money Hunters
Susan recounts the interesting events that happened on her visit to Luoyang, home of the famous Shaolin Temple. October 17, 2010

Weekly Feature: Vocabulary Development: Size Verbs (Part 2)
Louise continues her series with verbs that mean "getting smaller." Includes two quizzes to check your comprehension. October 17, 2010

Writing Tip: Lead Connects to Plumber, Plummet and Plunge?
Brad explains the origins of words derived from the Latin for "lead" and discusses one common idiom. October 10, 2010

Weekly Feature: Happy Thanksgiving!
L fills us in on the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday. October 10, 2010

Weekly Feature: After the Essay: The Paragraph Reviewed
Jennifer reminds students that good paragraph structure is even more important after a student masters the essay. October 3, 2010

Weekly Feature: The Year of Science
Renuka encourages students to consider studying science to improve their future job prospects. September 26, 2010

Writing Tip: Using "Have" and "Having" Correctly
Brad explains the differences between the two along with examples. September 26, 2010

Weekly Feature: Why Study Civics or Social Studies?
Cheryl explains the relevance of the courses, using the HST from B.C. as her example. September 19, 2010

Student Writing: What I See in Tokyoites
Tiffany gives us a lively account of the unique cultural landscape of Tokyo.  September 18, 2010

Writing Tip: Have You Lucked Out?
Brad explains some of the idiomatic uses of "luck." September 12, 2010

Weekly Feature: Courses to Consider
Brad provides us with more information on courses offered this semester. September 12, 2010

Weekly Feature: Reflections on Summer
Trudi rediscovers some essential truths this summer. September 5, 2010

Teacher Writing: How I Spent My Summer Vacation
Rick's essay on his summer vacation demonstrates all the elements of good writing. September 5, 2010

Writing Tip: Differences Between Verbal and Oral
Brad goes over the two and explains subtle differences in meaning. August 28, 2010

Weekly Feature: Work Smarter, Not Harder!
Tazim introduces us to the idea of different learning styles and provides a link where you can find out your own. August 28, 2010

Teacher Writing: A Case of Cultural Confusion
Sample standard essay written with the participation of the summer evening English 9/10 students. August 17, 2010

ALL STUDENTS: Speaking and Listening
All students may attend our new Speaking and Listening classes this fall. August 16, 2010

ALL STUDENTS: Course Timetable for September 2010
Make your plans with the help of our weekly timetable. August 15, 2010

Weekly Feature (Paul): On Chihuahuas
Paul introduces us to his family pet, Peaches, and writes two quizzes to help you check your vocabulary. August 15, 2010

Weekly Feature (Patricia): Writing Process Paragraphs
Patricia provides us with three sample process paragraphs. Includes questions and answers on the various parts of a successful paragraph. August 8, 2010

Weekly Feature (L): An Essay Checklist
 L provides us with a useful resource for improving our essay writing skills. August 2, 2010

Weekly Feature (Louise): Vocabulary Development: Size Words
Louise gives examples of various size words and offers us two interactive quizzes to check comprehension. July 25, 2010

Quizzes for English 7 and 8 (Louise): The First Olympics Part 1The First Olympics Part 2
Two quizzes to accompany Tuesday's lesson. July 25, 2010

Weekly Feature (Jennifer): Example Essay: The Wonders of Ice Cream
Jennifer offers us an essay with inserted comments that show the structure of good writing. July 18, 2010

Weekly Feature (Cheryl): Idioms of Time
Cheryl discusses an interesting time idiom and how our relationship with time has changed since she was younger. July 11, 2010

Weekly Feature (Brad): Teaching Oral Language
Brad goes over the B.C. curriculum requirements for speaking and listening and outlines the positive benefits he's experienced with his students. July 4, 2010

Weekly Feature (Trudi): A Successful PALC Graduate
Trudi congratulates our graduates and points us to a Royal City Record article on successful graduate, Kamaljeet Munday. June 27, 2010

Weekly Feature (Tazim): Summer Fun—Free or Nearly Free!
Tazim helps you make the most of free time in the summer. June 20, 2010

Weekly Feature (Rick): Benefits of Teaching Adults
Rick gives us a list of interesting things he's learned this term while teaching. June 13, 2010

Writing Tip (Brad): Example Expressions
Brad goes over four different expressions that use the familiar word, "example."  June 13, 2010

Teacher Writing (Brad): An Amsterdam Welcome
Brad's article demonstrates how to write a focussed travel piece. Students assisted in reviewing and suggesting revisions during the spring term. June 7, 2010

ALL STUDENTS: Summer Programs at the PALC
Students at Level 4 through 10 are welcome to attend our summer program. Find out registration dates and important closures. NOTE: The PALC lab will be closed this summer. No self-paced courses will be offered. May 31, 2010

Weekly Feature (Renuka): Clean Air Day
Renuka encourages us to pay attention to personal habits to help the planet on Clean Air Day. June 6, 2010

Writing Tip (Brad): Latin?
Brad identifies and explains three common Latin expressions that are used in English.  May 30, 2010

Weekly Feature (Paul): Protecting Internet Privacy
Paul informs us of important information to help us to protect our personal privacy on the Internet. Includes a self-marking vocabulary crossword puzzle and multiple choice quiz for practice. May 23, 2010

Weekly Feature (Paul): Fun Runs
Paul points out a great way to help your community and stay fit at the same time. Includes a self-marking vocabulary crossword puzzle for practice. May 23, 2010

Weekly Feature (Louise): Keyboarding
Louise helps students who may wish to learn better keyboarding skills. Links to fun and useful web sites for practice. May 16, 2010

Writing Tip (Brad): Pin Number?
Brad explains why PIN number is a redundancy.  May 16, 2010

Weekly Feature (L): Mother's Day
L explains our Mother's Day tradition. May 9, 2010

Student Writing (Kay): Looking Out a Very Small Window
Kay writes on the various kinds of characters to be seen from a basement window. May 2, 2010

Writing Tip (Brad): Why Illegal and Not Unlegal?
Brad explains how to make a negative form for words beginning with "L."  May 2, 2010

Weekly Feature (Jennifer): Writing the Essay
Jennifer offers us a complete system to help you write a good standard essay. May 2, 2010

Student Writing (Rosemary): Powerful Blood Ties
Rosemary recounts the tale of her brother's death on Christmas eve.  April 26, 2010

Weekly Feature (Cheryl): Information on the Law
Cheryl points out important resources for B.C. residents in need of legal advice. April 25, 2010

Writing Tip (Brad): Beware the Irregular Past Participle
Brad makes a case for better language instruction for native speakers.  April 17, 2010

Weekly Feature (Dina): Daffodil Month
Dina makes us aware of Daffodil Month and the sale of daffodils to support cancer research. April 17, 2010

Weekly Feature (Brad): The Writer's Life
Brad discusses the life of writers and his experiences with teaching Writing 12. April 4, 2010

Writing Tip (Brad): I Passed in the Past
Brad explains the different uses of "passed" and "past."  March 28, 2010

Weekly Feature (Trudi): Easter
Trudi explains Easter and the symbolic meaning of the Easter egg. March 28, 2010

Weekly Feature (Tazim): March: Nutrition Month
Tazim points out two important web sites related to nutrition and food safety. March 21, 2010

Student Writing: Home, Sweet Home
Rita's terrifying experience of the Kobe earthquake in 1995 leads her to a new appreciation of home.  March 14, 2010

Weekly Feature (Rick): Daylight Savings Time
Rick fills us in on the trials and tribulations of the DST. March 14, 2010

Writing Tip (Brad): In the Mood?
Brad goes over the sometimes tricky use of the subjunctive mood in English grammar.  March 14, 2010

Weekly Feature (Renuka): Spring Break 2010
Renuka gives us ideas for fun activities to do over the spring break in Vancouver. March 7, 2010

Writing Tip (Brad): Is There Any Way to use Anyways?
Brad explains how to use all three expressions correctly: anyways, anyway, and any way.  February 28, 2010

Weekly Feature (Patricia): Olympic Verbs and Adverbs
Patricia writes another sample paragraph on the Olympics. This time, she goes over the use of verbs and adverbs. Includes two matching quizzes for practice. February 28, 2010

Student Writing: Remembering the Folly
Maryann remembers a fateful meeting with a good friend and regrets her actions that day.  February 21, 2010

Weekly Feature (Patricia): The Skytrain for the Olympics
Patricia writes a sample paragraph on the Olympics. Includes lots of samples of verb tenses and a photo gallery taken at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. February 21, 2010

Writing Tip (Brad): Does that Clause take a Comma?
Brad explains the different effects created by varying the order of your main and subordinate clause.  February 14, 2010

Weekly Feature (Louise): Learning to Spell
Louise gives us some advice on how to improve our spelling. February 14, 2010

Student Writing: The Railroad Man: A New Beginning
Marc writes of the death of the "backbone of his life," his father.  February 7, 2010

Weekly Feature (L): 2010 Winter Olympic Games
L gathers all the information you need to know to have a great time during Vancouver's 2010 Winter Olympic Games. February 7, 2010

Writing Tip (Brad): Mr. or Mr? Depends on Where You Live
Brad outlines a small but significant difference in how North Americans write the abbreviations for Mister and Mistress.  January 31, 2010

Weekly Feature (Helen): The Red Mittens
Helen explains the significance of red mittens to residents of Canada. January 31, 2010

Student Writing: Disguised Donors
In the aftermath of monsoon floods, Jatinder discovers that not all is what it seems on first glance.  January 24, 2010

ALL STUDENTS: Class Schedule for 2010 Spring Term
Find your class and make the schedule work for you.  January 24, 2010

Weekly Feature (Jennifer): Laura Secord: A Great Canadian
Jennifer writes a short essay on Laura Secord, a great Canadian connected to our celebration of Valentine's Day. January 24, 2010

Writing Tip (Brad): Woman, Girl or Female? Sensitive Language!
Brad helps us find ways to use the terms in socially appropriate ways.  January 17, 2010

Weekly Feature (Dina): Vancouver: An Earthquake Zone!
Dina gives us all a timely reminder after this week's devastating events in Haiti.  January 17, 2010

Teacher Writing (Brad): Biker Brad
Read about a journey undertaken by Brad in the summer of 1975. January 10, 2010

Weekly Feature (Cheryl): New Classroom Course: Law 12
Cheryl introduces us to her new classroom course: Law 12. Counts as a 12 credit for adult graduation.  January 10, 2010

Writing Tip (Brad): All "Becauses" Have a Reason
Brad cautions students to avoid redundancies that include the word "because."  January 3, 2010

Weekly Feature (L): Welcome to a New Decade
L goes over a personal resolution and includes some tools to help you make your own.  January 3, 2010

Weekly Feature (Trudi): Holiday Activities
Trudi outlines a number of interesting activities to help you enjoy your second week of holidays!  December 26, 2009

Weekly Feature (Jennifer): The Compare or Contrast Essay
Jennifer explains the complex processes behind a successful comparison or contrast essay and includes an interesting sample essay for study.  December 20, 2009

Weekly Feature (Rick): Global Warming
Rick argues passionately for Canada and Canadians to accept their global responsibility for climate change and do more to fight the problem.  December 13, 2009

Writing Tip (Brad): What is a "Brainstorm"?
Brad traces the history of this technique for generating ideas and cautions students to remember the final, evaluative, step.  December 6, 2009

Weekly Feature (Renuka): Holiday Potluck Party
Renuka invites all students (day and evening) to come, eat and socialize at our annual holiday potluck. December 6, 2009

Weekly Feature (Paul): Our Students and their Studies
Paul brings us a feature that explains the rich diversity of the ALC. Includes links to further information and a comprehension quiz.November 29, 2009

Writing Tip (Brad): Nevertheless: Be Careful with However
Brad explains the correct usage of "however" and clears up some common misunderstandings.  November 22, 2009

Weekly Feature (Patricia): November Rains
Patricia reacts to our recent spell of bad weather. Includes sample sentences and paragraphs and a matching quiz for practice.November 22, 2009

Weekly Feature (Louise): Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide
Louise shares a number of resources we can use to help make better food choices in our lives. November 15, 2009

Writing Tip (Brad): "At the end of the day": Irritating Expressions
Brad cautions students not to imitate the world of business in their writing.  November 8, 2009

Weekly Feature (Brad): H1N1: The Swine Flu
Brad goes over some important information on this year's unusual pandemic influenza. November 8, 2009

Weekly Feature (Helen): Daylight Saving Time
Helen is enthusiastic about today's extra hour! Includes a number of interesting facts about daylight saving time. November 1, 2009

Writing Tip (Brad): I Wish I Was; I Wish I Were
Brad goes over the subjunctive case and argues for its continued use.  October 22, 2009

Weekly Feature (Tazim): Annual Food Bank Drive
Tazim launches her annual food bank drive. Although her goals are modest this year—five boxes—last year we collected seven! October 22, 2009

Weekly Feature (Dina): October: Power Smart Month
Want to save some money? Then read Dina's feature this week!. October 18, 2009

Writing Tip (Brad): The Short Clause Comma
Brad goes over the short clause comma and encourages students to experiment.  October 11, 2009

Weekly Feature (Cheryl): October: Positive Thinking Month
Cheryl reminds us to stay positive. October 11, 2009

Weekly Feature (Brad): To Park or Not to Park
Brad reminds all students to respect teachers' parking spaces. October 4, 2009

Writing Tip (Brad): Go with the Flow
Brad explains how writers can improve the "flow" of sentences in their writing.  September 27, 2009

Weekly Feature (Trudi): Household Budgets for Challenging Times
Trudi brings us important information on how families can meet the challenges brought on by the recession. September 27, 2009

Weekly Feature (Tazim): Work Smarter, Not Harder!
Tazim introduces us to the idea of different learning styles and provides a link where you can find out your own. September 20, 2009

ALL STUDENTS: Course Schedule for September to January
View courses and times for our entire program. Will help students select courses that fit into their personal schedules.  September 13, 2009

Writing Tip (Brad): Using a Style Guide
Brad recommends an excellent online resource to answer tricky questions of English usage.  September 13, 2009

Weekly Feature (Renuka): What is ICT?
Renuka answers the question and introduces a brand new PALC course. September 13, 2009

ALL STUDENTS: Calendar for the 2009/2010 School Year
Make your plans now! Includes all important dates through June, 2010. September 7, 2009

Weekly Feature (Rick): Cancer: A Personal Story
Paul outlines the many resources and services available for students at our computer lab. September 7, 2009

Weekly Feature (Paul): Making Our Computer Lab Work for You
Paul outlines the many resources and services available for students at our computer lab. September 1, 2009

Weekly Feature (Patricia): Writing Process Paragraphs
Patricia provides us with three sample process paragraphs. Includes questions and answers on the various parts of a successful paragraph. August 20, 2009

Weekly Feature (Louise): Cycling in Metro Vancouver
Louise advocates for cycling to take advantage of Vancouver's wonderful summer weather. August 16, 2009

Weekly Feature (L): Summer Activities in Vancouver
L suggests a number of links to help you have more fun this summer in Vancouver. August 9, 2009

Weekly Feature (Jennifer): A Day at the Beach; Summer Articles Practice
Jennifer goes over article use in English and provides us with a cloze exercise for practice. August 2, 2009

Weekly Feature (Helen): Accounting Courses at the PALC
Helen goes over two key courses for accounting students: Accounting 11 and 12. Includes links to business programs in B.C. July 25, 2009

Weekly Feature (Dina): Summer Safety 2009
Dina provides us with a timely reminder to take care of ourselves this sunny and warm summer. July 19, 2009

Weekly Feature (Cheryl): Canadian Citizenship Test Information
Cheryl provides good links to help you prepare for your citizenship test. Includes information on her course offerings this school year.July 12, 2009

Weekly Feature (Tazim): The Class of 2009: PALC Graduates
Tazim profiles some of our graduates and their responses to questions about their graduation. July 4, 2009

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