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  Weekly Feature: (December 24, 2000)


Christmas Eve in Vancouver
Brad's Weekly Feature

     I watched my city slow down today, the shopkeepers heading home early to their families, the shoppers now thin on the streets. Night falls early on Christmas Eve in Vancouver, the sky darkens, the mountains watch over the harbour. 

    It's been raining the last few days, different from most Canadian cities in winter. Here, the lights on each house sparkle against a slate sky. Our grass is still green, though muddied, and you can still find, if you look hard enough, traces of the snowmen frantically made a week ago during a rare snowstorm.

    Last night, the air warmed by winds from farther south, we opened the windows on our house, and breathed the sweet sea air in our home. Today, the day dawned gloomy, with patches of drizzly rain falling all day long. But still it seemed like Christmas: I chatted more with other shoppers, laughed more, too.

    Now, it is almost evening, the last light lingering briefly in the sky, the next rainstorm on the horizon. We'll eat together soon, then light an evening fire.

     Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate, and good holidays, friendship, and family for all. 

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