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Using Coordinating Conjunctions

 Using the coordinating conjunctions, FANBOYS (for, and, nor, or, yet, so) is one way to show you are a fluent writer of English. In this feature by Pat, a teacher retired from the ALC some years ago, there is a full explanation of these useful small words. Pat also wrote a quiz to help you test your knowledge. (originally published in 2006)


Quote of the Month: “Education provides us with a protected space within which to think against the grain of received opinion: a space to question and challenge, to imagine the world from different standpoints and perspectives, to reflect upon ourselves in relation to others and, in so doing, to understand what it means to 'assume responsibility'. Hannah Arendt (Quote Archive)      

Student Writing


motherThe Bridge
by Jenn; April 5, 2015

Jenn recalls her childhood adventures while walking on forest roads with a dear friend. Read the story


 Inner Beauty: A "Yogoir"
by Selena; March 3, 2015

Selena reflects on the beauty in life that she has found in the practice of Yoga. Read the story

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