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Math Tip #41: Temperature and the Celsius Scale

NOTE: The Weekly Math Tip is no more. Link to our old pages from the bottom of this page.

The following table gives you some references for remembering temperatures and what they mean on the Celsius scale. Take the quiz: Know your Celsius: How Warm is That?

327 C lead melts 

190 C a hot oven 

100 C water boils 

80 C hot soup 

66 C hot faucet water 

60 C broiled steak 

58 C hottest air temperature recorded on earth 

45 C a hot bath 

40 C a high fever 

38 C a warm bath 

37 C normal body temperature 

35 C a hot day 

20 C room temperature on a winter day 

10 C cool fall day 

7 C cold water 

1 C ice water 

0 C water freezes 

-5 C snowy day 

-11 C frozen yogurt

From The Math Teacher's Book of Lists by Judith A. Muschla and Gary Robert Muschla ISBN 0-13-180357-3.

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