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Registration for our program is continuous. Classroom courses begin in September or February (enrollment is closed three weeks after the start of each semester). Students may begin self-paced courses or upgrading classes to Grade 10 level at any time. If you need more information on the British Columbia Dogwood Diploma for adults, please visit our information page.


Weekly Registration: 

Registration sessions are held most Thursdays during a term. Come to Room 2 of the portables at 1:00 OR  7:00 p.m. while school is in session.

NOTE: Summer registration begins on Tuesday, July 4 for returning students and on July 5 and 6 for new students.

Registration Times

Academic Courses Offered in February 2016  (Word document)

List of Foundation Classes Offered in July 2016 (PDF file)

Please Note: 

Registration takes about 90 minutes.  Please come on time for your session. Latecomers must wait for the next available registration. At the session you will see a presentation on our programs and write a short assessment test of your reading, writing and math skills.

School Location

Please Bring to Registration

A pen or pencil.

Your citizen card or passport or B.C. photo identification. Please also bring two documents that prove your residency such as a tenant form, government or utility bill mailed to your name etc. Note that we do not accept cellular phone bills as proof of residency.

Your B.C. or other Canadian province school transcript. (we can help you to obtain a transcript for B.C. schools if necessary)

NOTE: If you wish to write assessment tests for a Grade 11 or 12 credit course, you may come back at a convenient time.

Be prepared to spend about two hours. You will return to the ALC for an appointment to finish registration before you begin your classes or course.