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Patricia's Favourites!

Book: Lonely Planet Guide for Argentina 

Poem: "If" by Rudyard Kipling 

Writers: Pearl S. Buck; Ernest Hemingway 

TV Shows: 60 Minutes; Canada AM 

Film: Forrest Gump 

Foods: Thai, Italian, Greek, Chinese 

Hobbies: sewing, gardening, video/film making, photography, travel 

Activities: running, swimming, skiing, cycling, boating, tennis, triathlon 

Quote: "You already have everything you need"ówritten on the washroom wall at NWSS!

Places: Granville Island Market; Cypress Mountain Cross Country; Whistler/Blackcomb on a sunny day. 

About Me

     I decided to pursue a teaching career after a great deal of soul searching. I had thought of many different career paths. Most of them involved working with people. I chose teaching because it was the profession in which I felt I could help make the greatest positive impact on people's lives. I hope I am doing that now. I enjoy working at the Adult Learning Centre. The students are very eager to learn and also very friendly. I love to travel, so working in a multicultural setting is especially suitable for me.

My educational background is somewhat varied. I have a degree in Arts from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia. My major was in Psychology and I minored in Political Science. After graduating, I spent a season working at Whistler in British Columbia. I have always enjoyed sports, especially skiing. I returned to school and attended the University of British Columbia part time while working in a restaurant. I took courses in library education. The following year I was accepted into the Professional Development Program at Simon Fraser University. My concentration was in intermediate education with a multicultural emphasis. I feel that, though varied, all of my courses have helped me in some way with my teaching.



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