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Brad:  English 11 and 12; Writing 12; composition; grammar; webmaster (See an article on Brad at The Pearson Buzz)
Cheryl: Social Studies, Civic Studies 11, Law, Social Studies and History
Jennifer: English; Communications 12
L: Grammar; Data Management 12; Math and Sciences; Entrepreneurship 12 (See an article on L at The Pearson Buzz)
Louise: Math and Sciences; Accounting;  English; Communications 12 (See an article on Louise at The Pearson Buzz)
Patricia:  English, Social Studies, Numeracy, Literacy, English as an additional language, and Speaking and Listening.

Paul: Accounting; Math and Sciences; English (See an article on Paul at The Pearson Buzz)
Philip Cookson: Principal

Rick: Science; Math; English (See an article on Rick at The Pearson Buzz)
Tazim:  Science and Math. Family Studies 12; Biology 12 (See an article on Tazim at The Pearson Buzz)
Trudi:  Math; Chemistry; Composition; English 10 (See an article on Trudi at The Pearson Buzz)

—staff list current as of August 2010