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Having trouble remembering what you read? Not sure how to study from a textbook? Become an active reader by using SQ2R, a simple but effective reading strategy.


Scan  Scan to get an overview of what the article/section of the textbook is about. Read titles and subtitles (often in bold face). If there are no subtitles, read the first and last paragraph of the article. Note any pictures or graphics.

Question  Questions give you a purpose as you read. Based on what you scanned, jot down 2 or 3 questions that you hope to find the answer to in your reading. If the article/textbook has questions attached, choose a couple of them as your key questions as you read.

Read  Now read the entire article/section of the textbook looking for the answers to your questions. You can write down the answers if you wish.

Recite Cover up the article/section of the textbook and recite (repeat to yourself) everything you can remember from what you have just read. If something is not clear or you can’t remember, check the article again.

Try SQ2R! At first it may seem awkward, but soon you will find your reading comprehension has improved and you are spending less time rereading your homework

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