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  Brad's Teacher Writing (May 17, 2001)


The following example is based on an exercise in using the verbs, "remember," "forget," and "stop" with gerunds and infinitives.  It was written during a class exercise in Advanced Composition. Note how meaning changes depending on the use of infinitive or gerund (time of action of the verb).

 A Helpful Friend?

     Recently, I helped a friend with some electrical work at her house. Unfortunately, because I forgot to check everything carefully before I left, she had a problem with her circuit. Putting wires together in a receptacle is a fussy task. Each wire must be of similar length, and the wire nut used to keep the wires in one group is hard to put together successfully. Usually, I remember to check the circuit, but this time I was tired and didn't take the proper precautions. I will never forget causing my friend a lot of trouble, especially since she lives on Vancouver Island. She needed to ask a friend to help her refasten the wires inside her receptacle. I only wish that I had stopped to tell myself to be careful! Luckily, she could continue to use her house until her circuit was fixed, although she had to wait for the help of a sympathetic neighbour.





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