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  Brad's Teacher Writing (October 18, 2001)


The following paragraph was written in response to the lesson,  The World Changed: Forever? and demonstrates the use of comparison structures in English.

 How My Life Has Changed

      The day of the attacks I was busy making coffee when my wife told me that something had happened in New York, something terrible. Once I understood what (it was 7:15 a.m. so both towers had already fallen), I began to shake. Before that morning, I had always assumed that war was confined to places far away, but now I felt it right there in my kitchen. Since then, my life has been changed in ways I had never dreamed. After the attacks, I have begun to feel much less secure, although before I had always been a pretty optimistic person. The future of the world and of my children isn't quite as clear any more. My country is, as I write these words, debating new laws that may restrict the freedoms I have always taken for granted. We've always felt lucky, my wife and I, to have had the chance to grow up here, in a country as free and safe as this one. But now I know, as many of you know first hand, that such freedoms are precarious at best, and are easily lost or taken away. When I walk through the park now, with the smell of the ocean all around, I now experience the pleasure of being alive with a new intensity, whereas before I would never imagine what it would mean to lose it all. I would like to think that these events will make us all stronger, but already I am not so sure. Someone said recently that God was immanent (inside us all) and was expressed in our love for one another. That made sense to me, and though not a religious man, I do pray that we can get past this anger and fear. But, even then, the world will never be the same again.

ówritten on October 18, 2001.





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