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  Brad's Teacher Writing (October 5, 2001)


 The following paragraph was written for a class exercise for Advanced Composition on Using the Infinitive Noun.

 My Job at the Telephone Company

     For a teacher, to tell you about a long-term job as a factory worker seems a bit odd, but, actually, the job I had working for the telephone company in an iron and sheet metal shop was worthwhile. My longest job before then had been to work for a two months in summer. I have always loved to have enough money, and my job was a union one, so, even 25 years ago, the pay package was very good. The money came with a catch, however, as the work itself was often incredibly boring. All day long I drilled the same holes into the same piece of metal, or piled the same kind of material—over and over, and over again! From that drudgery came my first car, and a very good stereo (not to mention many records). After a year, I became bored enough to realize that I could end up working there for the rest of my life. I'd quit university at 19 (after finishing second year) because I hadn't known what I wanted in life. Funny that! What I discovered, instead, was what I didn't want: to work in an iron and sheet metal shop. So, did I then return to university? No, instead I went travelling for six months all around Europe. There, I grew up some more and then obtained a two year diploma at a community college. University waited for another four and a half years until I finally learned what I really wanted to do: to teach for the rest of my career. I can thank, at least partly, my one and a half years working for the telephone company for teaching me that I didn't want to be a manual labourer. (291 words; probably too long for a paragraph, really!)




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