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  Brad's Teacher Writing (September 20, 2001)


 The following paragraph was written for a class exercise for English 10. 

 Navigating the PALC: A Teacher's View

     New students are like explorers, without a very good map to guide them, and so they need help to find their way. As a teacher at the PALC, I have seen many students over the years. One thing I can tell you is a keen student makes him or herself visible to teachers. How, you may ask? A good way is to speak to a teacher one on one, especially when your teacher is working in Room 184. It may be a simple question you ask, but it gives a teacher the opportunity to meet you in a less formal way. Depending on student numbers, a teacher may have a few extra minutes, then, to talk over a particularly tricky question. Another thing a good student will do is use the resources available at the centre. Many dedicated students visit our CCC computers every week, and complete a course of study independently. This past year, PALC teachers have added a number of new, and more challenging programs to our computer lab, each with interesting and interactive graphics to help the student find the way through, for example, English grammar. Explorers, by definition, are people who take risks in order to find something new. New students have embarked on an interesting journey, one that will be filled with challenges, yet one that has many interesting guideposts along the way.

Brad Hyde, September 19, 2001. 
(234 Words with two extended examples; not exactly as assigned, however: longer and has only the two examples, not three as required)

An Old Hand at Returning to School

     Although I haven't attended the PALC as a student, I have indeed returned to school as an adult. Long after I finished university (or so I thought) I began again to complete a fifth year of study. This began in 1990 and finished in 1996. Along the way, I learned a few things of use to any adult returning to study. First, students tend to be "rusty" when they return. The habit of study, easy for youth with few responsibilities, is hard to accomplish later in life. My advice? Make a specific study time and at that time go to your desk, work diligently, and only then watch your favourite TV show! My wife remembers my studying years as years when she "watched the back of Brad's head" as he worked on the computer. Along the way, she gave me some helpful advice on writing term papers. Oftentimes, I would sit at my desk, shuffling my research papers around and accomplishing nothing. My wife would look in and say, "Why don't you just start writing. You're more than ready!" She was right, and her advice saved me a lot of time. The students at the PALC know the value of time, I'm sure, and getting down to the job, really working at educating yourself, gives many rewards. So, to any new student at the PALC: take heart in knowing that we are in this together because wouldn't you know it—your teacher is thinking of going back to school yet again!

Brad Hyde, September 20, 2001. 
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