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  Brad's Teacher Writing (March 2, 2001)


The following example shows how to use the modals, "can" and "could" in different ways.  It was written during a class exercise in Advanced Composition.

    A Sad Truth

     Lately, Iíve been made aware of a sad truth about this old body of mine: I could bend much more easily when I was younger than I can accomplish today. My Pilateís teacher can encourage me to try, but I donít think Iíll ever again be as flexible as I was when I was twenty years old. Back then, I was devoted to the practice of Yoga. Each morning, my routine included the sun salutations, a series of 12 movements made in the direction of the rising sun. Every day, I performed the plough position. While resting on my back, I put my legs up over my body and then placed my knees behind my head. Nowadays, my new regime includes an exercise similar to the plough; now, unfortunately, I struggle just getting my legs up in the air, much less placing them on the floor behind me! Itís enough that I have taken on a new discipline of regular strength and flexibility exercise. I approach my 45th birthday with some trepidation, knowing that the one thing I could never expect as a gift is to be young and supple again.





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