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  Brad's Teacher Writing (May 3, 2001)


The following example is based on an exercise in specific and sensory writing.  It was written during a class exercise in Advanced Composition.

 Springtime Passion

     Springtime brings out my passion for life. A walk through the park is better now than just a few weeks ago, people's faces a bit brighter. Even the clouds, white in the azure sky, seem friendlier at this time of year. This week, the cherry and plum blossoms popped out, their sweet smells filling the wet, west-coast air. I like to put my face right up close, just a few millimeters away, and inhale their scent, savouring it in my nose. Some nights, spring rain showers beat fiercely on my porch roof, making a drumming sound while I snuggle a little deeper under my bedcovers. In the mornings, the sun rises early, peeks through my curtains, and makes me want to get up and take in the smells of the damp grass in my backyard. My dog will run out, chasing the squirrels and robins , barking joyfully. To be alive in springtime is the greatest gift, a reminder that we have endured another winter, and a promise that hot summer will soon arrive.






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