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  Brad's Teacher Writing (March 15, 2001)


The following example shows the use of prepositional phrases. It was written during a class exercise in Advanced Composition.

    Travels in Spain

     In 1977, I had the opportunity to visit Santiago de Compostela, which stands in the middle of northwestern Spain. I had journeyed to the town from Portugal, arriving by train. Manuel, a man I had met in Canada the year before, welcomed me. He was a medical student then, and so he introduced me to his many friends, one of whom became a girlfriend of mine for a short time. I lived as a Spaniard for that week, following the unique (for me) habits of their culture. Each day, we awakened around one o’clock in the afternoon. Some time later, around three o’clock, we ate breakfast, often an omelette made with potatoes. Then, it was time to walk around the town, looking at all the political posters to see how they had changed overnight. It was an exciting time because the dictator, Franco, had died the year before and so these were the first free elections in over thirty years. After having a late dinner near midnight, we were often near the 12th century church. There, on the steps, as the petals of cherry blossoms drifted towards the cobblestones, my friends sang folk songs together, full of optimism for their and their country’s future. I sometimes wonder what became of them, Manuel and Julia and Charo, but I will never forget those few days, and the sounds of their voices rising into the midnight sky.





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