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  Brad's Teacher Writing (March 29, 2001)


The following example shows the use of present perfect with adverbial time.  It was written during a class exercise in Advanced Composition.

 Weatherproofing, An Ongoing Project

     Although I have already done a lot of work, I haven't yet finished the upgrades to my house's insulation and weatherproofing. The first thing I did was insulate my hot water heater with an aluminum wrap, which cost only about twenty-five dollars and stops about five percent of the heat loss. Then, I began work on finding all the air leaks around my windows. To do it effectively, however, I had to wait for a really windy day; on such days I could easily detect the slightest leak. After locating one, I used my caulking gun to fill the cracks with silicone caulk. As I worked, I was able to feel the room get warmer, so that made it seem all worthwhile. Other things I have done include adding insulation to the wall behind my basement sink and at the top of the walls in my furnace room. That's some of what I've done so far, but it's not over yet! Still to come is adding new insulation strips to my patio doors and replacing two old plate glass windows in my kitchen. I've already seen the results on my Hydro bill, but there's one problem. Actually, there are two problems: my teenage kids. Nowadays, they've decided that you can never be too clean and so have at least one, and often two, showers each day. Oh well, at least my bill has stayed the same, even after the recent hikes in the natural gas rates.






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