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The following paragraph is an example of writing for two different audiences from the lesson, Writing for an Audience

You Say it's Your Birthday? Ouch!
(for an audience who doesn't know the tradition)

    One unique cultural event from my childhood was giving the birthday “bumps” to someone. Usually, it was done between the ages of 10 to 18 years or so. After “Happy Birthday” had been sung to the birthday boy (or, sometimes, girl) the friends would gather together and then carry him, struggling mightily, into an open space. Then, they would lift him by the arms and legs and lower him—quite hard and with a solid bump—onto the ground. This was done the same number of times as the person’s age, with one extra added for “good luck.”

You Say it's Your Birthday? Ouch!
(for an audience who does know the tradition)

     I was quite distressed recently to encounter the evolution of an old birthday tradition, the “birthday bumps,” into something a bit more violent. A couple of days after my son’s 16th birthday, I noticed that his arm was black and blue from his wrist up to his shoulder. When I asked him why, I found out that his friends had hit him, hard, and had thus caused the many bruises. He made light of it, though I have to say I didn’t think much of the new variation. Being hit 16 or 17 times on the arm seems a lot harder a “punishment” than the bumps my friends had given each other many years ago.

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