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Expecting Changes

     One of the biggest surprises about getting older is seeing that change will be a constant in life rather than something that will ever be finished. Contrary to what I expected, I walk more quickly now than I did ten years ago. What changed? Well, my awareness of the toll of aging on my body is much higher now than it was in my twenties. I once took for granted many things: my flexibility, my strength, my endurance. Now, I have learned that I must work hard to maintain my body, to make the best use I can of my own capacity. Itís funny now how much more I understand my parents than I did when I was young. They would always say, ďYour health is the most important thing. Without it, you have nothing.Ē So true, that, but it was only words when I was young. Today, my parents are old, itís true, but are not going gentle into that good night and can dance circles around me, still. Being in the middle of life, I have found a new interest in mathematics: how many years since; how many (possibly) left. To be sure, I could find this all depressing, but I donít because, with the new perspective I have gained, I see more clearly the importance of every day and that, as always, I should expect things to change, for the better or worse, and will have to live with whatever may come my way.

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