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Fixing Things

     One of my favourite pastimes is fixing things around my house. I am proud + of + being quite handy, since it saves me quite a lot of money. Sometimes, though, I am not good + at + planning ahead for my project. More than once, I can be found searching for just the right screw or bolt (from my vast collection held in cans, bottles, and plastic containers) because I have forgotten to buy something I needed. Sometimes, however, I am pleased + about + remembering to buy even the smallest items in advance. Then, my only problem is getting around to the job itself. Right now, I am sorry + about + procrastinating on a weather-stripping project for my downstairs basement door. I thought to buy some Robertson head screws in advance as they are easier to drive than the Phillips head provided, but whenever I pass the door I still see the packages just waiting for me to begin. When that happens, my pastime may become more of a chore than a joy. Then again, with the Olympics on TV every night this week, how could I spend time fixing things when I could instead watch some crazy guy go 140 kilometers head first down an icy track?

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