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The following are two teacher sample paragraphs for the exercise, Putting it Together: Coordination and Conjunctions. See the second paragraph, "A Sudden Marriage"

A Successful Marriage

       My parents have a successful marriage, one that has lasted over fifty years. They met on the banks of the Bow River at a small town picnic, for the young women had organized a social gathering to increase the chance of meeting desirable young men. My father was a bit shy, so my mother took the direct approach: she put a bit of ice down his back! Now, my father had lived in the town for a few months, yet he had hardly ever had the chance to eat a home-cooked meal. So, my mother invited him for a chicken dinner, and soon his heart had followed his stomach. My mother didn't want to live alone all her life, nor did my father. Soon, after my father had spent one year more to finish his Master's degree in Oregon, they got married, and I am their first-born son. In time, they moved together to the coast and have lived here as a happily married couple for nearly forty years.

ó166 words; first draft writing on October 16, 2002

A Sudden Marriage

     One of the more unusual marriages I know happened some time ago. Two people I know were moving to the US to study at a university there, and both of them wanted to cross the border to begin their studies. Although they had chosen not to get married, they had already had a child together. At the border, the immigration official said that they couldn't enter the country unless they got married, so, of course, they decided to marry (and quickly, too!). It was inconvenient for the couple, yet I had lots of fun at their sudden wedding. For example, I became both the best man and the wedding photographer, for they hadnít the time (or money) to arrange for any closer friends to travel to Vancouver. In the end, we had a lovely time at their parentís home. I donít think that the couple regretted having an unusual marriage, nor did I regret being a part of it all.

ó160 words; first draft writing on October 17, 2002





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