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The following paragraph is an example of the use of passive voice from the lesson, Using Passive Voice

A Most Unusual Event

    A most unusual and exciting event happened to me about twenty-seven years ago, the year I worked as a camp flunky in the high Arctic of Canada. My job that year was as assistant to the cook, so you can imagine the work I had to do. One day, after the dishes were finished, the tables set, and the potatoes peeled for supper, I heard a strange sound. The sound, like a low rumble, was coming from over the hill, I thought, so I walked around the lakeshore to have a look. As I crested the hill, I saw a sight I will remember as long as I live. The rumbling sounds were made by a huge herd of caribou crossing the tundra that day and, as I got closer, I heard something else: grunting sounds much like those made by pigs. The landscape was alive with animals, a brown sea of them stretching from one horizon to the other. More remarkable, still, was that it was only the first day, the day the caribou began passing our camp. Night and day, for more than a week, the great herd passed by us, more than two hundred thousand animals in all. I have only one regret after all these years, however—that I had no camera with me those days, and so this unusual and exciting event lives on only in memory.


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