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 The Ones I Love: Demonstrating Vigorous Verbs

 I suppose today, Valentine’s Day, I thought more about love than usual, and those thoughts lead me to my family, always. This morning, I wrote valentines to my wife, my son, and my daughter. What I value most, it became clear, centres on them. I treasure the weekend mornings, when my wife lingers in bed, and I go about my early morning activities: a walk to the bagel shop; buying my weekend paper; making a café latte. My wife delights in the highest topping of foam of the week, since I make a special effort on those mornings. I prize my daughter’s sweet voice as she sings along with the latest songs, blissfully unaware of me, listening on the floor below. And I love to see my son, nestling his head under his pillow, wanting yet another hour of sleep, when I come to wake him in the morning. To make my family complete, my little dog, Tashi, adores me; in fact, she follows me around my home, a little black carpet stretched out somewhere near me no matter where I go. So Valentine’s Day, for me, celebrates many kinds of love, but the deepest, and most valued, is the love I find in my family life.

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 (February, 2002)