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The following are two teacher sample paragraphs for the exercise, How to Do It: The Process Paragraph. See the second paragraph, "Successful Classroom Teaching."


A Perfect Turkey Made Easy

       To make a delicious turkey requires following some simple steps. The first step takes place two weeks before: order a fresh six kilogram turkey from a local butcher. The day before Thanksgiving pick it up. A turkey is filled with "stuffing," a savoury mix of bread, vegetables, and spices. To make it starts the day before: a large loaf of bread is torn up into pieces then left in a bowl overnight to become stale. About two hours before the turkey is to go in the oven, take out the neck, kidneys and heart and boil them in water. In a wok, in the meantime, fry celery and onions in oil, spiced with special poultry seasonings. To this, add fresh cut up apples, and whole hazelnuts, too. When the mixture is ready, add the stale bread and the water from the innards. While waiting for the mixture to cool, the oven is turned on to 350 degrees, then the turkey is washed in cold water, dried with paper towels, and placed in a large pan for roasting. Then, stuff the stuffing into the bird, lightly salt and pepper the skin, and cover it all with thick aluminum foil and place in the oven for about three hours. Every 20 minutes, baste it with the pan juices. For the final half-hour, take off the foil to ensure a lovely brown and crispy skin. Finally, remove the bird from the oven about 15 minutes before carving. All that is left now is to heartily eat the sumptuous repast.

255 words; first draft writing on October 9, 2002

Successful Classroom Teaching

     Teaching a class successfully, and by teaching I mean the activity inside the room, follows a series of steps. First, the teacher arrives. This is an important moment. Greetings and small talk, which may seem of little consequence, help a teacher to know the mood of the class and establishes a social, easygoing atmosphere. Then, the class itself begins. My method combines an introduction to the topic with a question and answer session that helps me to understand what students already know (and so exactly what I need to teach). At this point, my teaching begins. What I find works well is a combination of humour, topical example, personal experience, and a bit of body language. After the teaching comes student practice, where students work with the ideas or concept introduced for that class. My next step is evaluation. At this stage, students share their work for the students and teacher to evaluate. Then I use a teacher example created during the class to show the students one way of approaching the topic. The final step is wrapping up. Here, I take time to summarize, congratulate, and thank my students. Following these steps will lead to successful classroom practice.

199 words; first draft writing on October 10, 2002





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