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The following paragraph is an example of the use of parallel structure from the lesson, Pretty Parallels: More than Just a List

A Procrastinating Paragraph

    Since I am a procrastinator by nature, I have had many experiences, good and bad, but one of my worst habits, that is to say perhaps my worst habit, is to take a bit too long to get to the point. Now, what was I saying? I know that my students—ever patient with my ways and ever helpful in their hearts—love to listen to my stories, no matter whether the story furthers my idea, or even when the story is beside it (the point, I mean). You may argue that this is not really procrastination, but I argue that it is. “To delay” the dictionary says or to “put off” or “dally” or even “postpone” when describing the word “procrastinate” and I have to agree, dallying as I am, right now, as I write this paragraph for you. But it is a laugh or a lark, this piece of writing, tonight. In it, I hope to have shown you something, to have opened your eyes, to have engaged you and, if I have, then it has been a success. So perhaps I am a natural procrastinator, then, and if you have read to the end, you are not!

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