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  Brad's Teacher Writing (November 5, 2002)


The following are two teacher sample paragraphs for the exercise, Remembering Smells: Using Your Nose.

Smells of San Francisco

I’ve only visited San Francisco one time, but my memories are filled with its sumptuous smells. Practically the first thing my wife and I did there was ride a cable car up Hyde Street (no, not named after me!). I was lucky to stand near the operator and could easily smell the oil at the base of his huge hand lever along with the scent of old wood in the car. The city itself has a seaside odour, salt mixed with damp air from the bay. Another vivid memory concerns the fragrances wafting from our many boxes of take-out Chinese food obtained from the restaurant around the corner from our hotel. Powell’s Bookstore smelled musty as we wandered up the many dusty old staircases. But the best moment came when, celebrating my wife’s birthday, we went to one of the famous seafood restaurants, held up a glass of white wine with its gorgeous bouquet and drank a toast to our life together. (166 words, first draft writing)

Christmas Smells

    Christmas dinner, to be held at my house this year, is full of favourite people and smells. On Christmas morning, the predominant scent is of the fir Christmas tree in our living room. But soon, the aroma of fried onions and celery, along with sage, oregano and garlic, fills the air as I cook the turkey dressing in a large wok. As I stuff the cavity of the bird, a faint whiff of raw poultry fills the air. After the turkey has been in the oven for a couple of hours, its scent has reached the farthest corners of my home. Later that afternoon, my relatives begin to arrive. The older ladies use perfume, something my younger friends rarely do these days, but it is pleasant to have the air perfumed for one day. Soon, as we gather to have a Christmas drink together, the smells of warm bodies fill my home. That, along with the laughter, and the presence of people whose lives stretch back into the beginning of the past century, make Christmas dinner a joyous (and smelly!) occasion.

—181 words; first draft writing on November 6, 2002





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