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The following is a paragraph written as a demonstration for the exercise, On With the Show! Showing versus Telling.

Crazy Canadians!

     Canadians are a bit odd, especially for a newcomer to the country. We are generally quiet and polite, but have you ever been outside a beer parlour at closing time? In many Canadian towns, groups of drunken youths scream and fight every weekend. Another Canadian characteristic (outside balmy Vancouver) is to show little regard for the cold. In Montreal, I was often astonished to see people out on minus 30 days without a hat or scarf! Another trait, though mainly confined to those who have British ancestry, is to treat home as a very private place. Even among our families, visiting unannounced is rare and days (and weeks) may go by without a family member calling the other. In all, Canadians are a strange sort, and I hope you newcomers don't have too much trouble figuring us out.

134 words; first draft writing





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