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  Brad's Teacher Writing (November, 2003)


Brad wrote "Cutting the Lawn" to demonstrate the use of the present tense with the present perfect and present continuous tenses for the lesson, Sequence of Tenses: Simple Present


Cutting the Lawn

     One unusual, but favourite, physical activity I like to do is mowing the large area of lawn at my friend's gulf island home. The grass needs cutting often because it is always growing in the spring and early summer. Behind the noisy mower, I walk up and down the long driveway, round and round the front yard, and enjoy seeing the area of cut grass get bigger and bigger. When it is time to have lunch, I stop for I have worked hard and am sweaty and hot. Soon, however, I put on my safety earmuffs and my battered old hat and continue my work. When it is all done, I feel a sense of accomplishment and reward myself with a big glass of cold lemonade on the porch. Ah, the joys of cutting the grass! 136 words, first draft






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