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The following is a teacher sample paragraph for the exercise, How to Emphasize with Sentences.

Going to Granny's Farm

     When I was a young boy, each summer's most exciting event was our long road trip to my grandmother's farm. Filled with anticipation, I climbed into my father's car, ready for the long journey ahead. My brother and sisters, like all children, fought over who would have the prime window seats for that portion of the trip. There were six of us, all travelling in my dad's 1966 Ford Galaxie. How we all managed to make it to Granny's farm without a major accident I'll never know. As a young boy with a short memory, and an even shorter attention span, it soon became rather boring and so we counted out-of-province licence plates for something to do. One memorable year we kept track of the many hippie hitchhikers and counted over 2 000 in British Columbia alone! On the second day of our thousand kilometer drive, when we were all hot, bored and bothered, my excitement would come back as my father turned off onto the gravel road that led us to her house. Each rise seemed like the last one, each coulee the Forty Mile near her home, until at last we reached her door. The long road trip over, my excited feelings were renewed as my cousins bounded down the steps to welcome us to the farm. 221 words; first draft writing on November 13, 2002





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